Learn How to Trade Zero DTE Options & Earn Consistent Weekly & Monthly Income

Start trading 0DTE options. This strategy involves executing trades on options contracts that expire on the same day they are traded, allowing for quick profit opportunities based on short-term market movements.


Who is the 0 DTE Options Strategy For?

The 0DTE (zero-day-to-expiration) strategy is typically employed by active traders who are comfortable with short-term trading and have a good understanding of options and market dynamics. This strategy requires quick decision-making, active monitoring of market conditions, and the ability to manage risk effectively. Traders who engage in the 0DTE strategy often have a high risk tolerance and seek to capitalize on short-term price movements or specific events that can occur within a single trading day. It is important to note that due to the fast-paced nature of 0DTE trading, it may not be suitable for beginners or traders with limited experience in options trading.


Phil's journey of learning to trade options while in the military

In this video Phil shares his trading journey and how we worked with him on giving him the skillset and tools to be able to trade options.


How does the 0 DTE
Strategy Work?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the 0DTE strategy works:

It’s important to note that 0DTE options trading can be highly volatile and carries significant risks. Due to the short time frame involved, it requires a solid understanding of options, market dynamics, and risk management techniques. That’s why it’s important to learn the strategy properly before executing it. 


Benefits of
Trading 0 DTE

Here are four key advantages of Trading 0DTE options :

Quick profit

Since these options expire on the same day they are traded, traders can capitalize on immediate market fluctuations, allowing for potentially faster returns compared to longer-term options.

Reduced time

With 0DTE options, time decay is accelerated, which can work in favor of traders. Rapid time decay can potentially increase the profitability of well-timed trades and enable traders to benefit from the time value erosion of options in a shorter time frame.

Lower capital requirements

Trading 0DTE options generally requires less capital compared to longer-term options strategies.

and agility

Traders can quickly enter and exit positions within the same trading day, allowing them to adapt to changing market dynamics or take advantage of specific events or news releases.


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What You'll Learn In Our 0 DTE Course

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Charting Tools

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Charting Tools

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Who is the 0 DTE strategy NOT for?

The 0DTE (zero-day-to-expiration) strategy is not suitable for beginners or traders with limited experience in options trading. This strategy involves fast-paced decision-making, active monitoring of market conditions, and effective risk management. It requires a solid understanding of options and market dynamics to navigate successfully. If you’re just starting out or are not yet familiar with options trading, it’s advisable to gain experience and knowledge before attempting the 0DTE strategy. Jumping into it without the necessary skills and experience is like attempting a difficult ski slope without any prior training—it could lead to potential losses and frustration. Take the time to build your foundation in options trading, develop your skills, and gain confidence before considering the 0DTE strategy.

Have a friend? We can create a private, personalized group training program

If you have a friend that is also interested in trading or you have a trading group that you run, we can create a custom training program that would match your personal needs.

Ready to Get The 0-DTE Course?

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Bill shares his story of learning to trade options for retirement

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Frequently asked questions

Here are common questions that you might have prior to booking the covered call coaching program! If you have any additional questions, please reach out by calling (904) 774-2323 or book a discovery call by clicking here.

When you purchase a course, you are getting guidance to help you self-study. This means that you are on your own, but you do have a great tool at your disposal to help you get to your destination.

When it comes to coaching and mentoring, we combine videos, one-on-one sessions, and do trading exercises to help you learn faster. This means that if the first thing isn't working as well as it could be, we can pivot and do something else, or get you new videos, or work a different angle.

As you place trades each week, you will also get hands-on experience building habits that are closer and more realistic to trading in the real world. You also have accountability where someone is reviewing what you are doing and it creates some pressure for you to continue to study, do your homework, and keep up with the material.

When you do the program there are many additional benefits such as:

  • Getting courses and premium video training included as needed
  • Follow your trades and do teaching lessons with those trades
  • Assigned homework to give you more skills and expose you to different trading situations
  • Quick follow-ups if needed to review trades
  • Trading log book and personal control panel
  • Guided training and stair-step lessons to improve consistently each week
  • Lessons are not timed - sometimes we go longer if needed
  • And much more!

When you book a single one-on-one coaching you don't get those benefits. They are just single sessions where we can teach you concepts or give you insight for that hour, but there is only follow-up if you book a second session.

To be successful in the program we recommend to have a session 7-14 days. Depending on your personal needs, it is possible to have more than one session per week if needed.

There may be times where your personal life gets in the way like a vacation, a new baby, or a holiday in which case we can adjust our meet-up time or schedule.

However, it is best to stay consistent with an average communication range of 10 business days.

If you slowly start dragging your feet and decide not to meet-up, attend, or are a no-show, then it will be nearly impossible to have success within the program. 

Consistency is important. Even if your schedule does not allow frequent meet-ups, it is important to connect periodically even if its by leaving a message.

No, many sessions actually can be at night time. We have trained and educated people who work full-time including money managers and investment advisors who are not able to meet during the day as they are often managing trading accounts and portfolios.

For this reason we have a flexible schedule and can meet in the evening hours.

The first few weeks it is less important to meet during market hours since we have to give you a solid foundation. After that, there might be certain sessions where it is wise to do during market hours.

To start the program, you need to be a motivated individual and dedicated to learn.

Then when you are ready, just book your first session. During this first session we will cover everything else and get you setup.

We also recommend that you sign up to the ThinkorSwim platform from TDAmeritrade if you don't have it yet. The TDAmeritrade will allow us to use the paper trading platform to watch and manage your simulated trades and do the exercises.

We do not recommend going through the program and trading with real money.

The reason for this is that we will be looking at giving you exercises and trades that actually have a higher chance of getting you into trouble. 

The reason we want you to get into trouble is so can experience the problems and also so that you know what to do when things go against you.

We want you to see different situations including the good wins and the bad, ugly, nasty losses.

If we put in you all kinds of situations and you know how to handle them, then you will be better off.